Still Waters

STILL WATERS - Bertila Kithia

I warn you child, Still waters run deep. Stare not, for you could get lost in their beguiling depth Touch not, for you could be tempted to bathe Stir not, for you could awaken long-dead monsters of the deep Tread carefully around them, for you may slip and be swallowed Watch from a distance, for they may show unseen flaws in your refection Listen intently, for they store the deepest secrets in their murky depths Do not stop to sniff the fragrant flowers at their banks, for they might bid you stay Do not siddle up, for you might be duped by the melodious harmonies of the deep creatures Do not drop your guard, for the wittiest of them all have been tricked into losing their hearts Hark! Heed my words young one, Still waters run deep.