About Us

The Management

She leads a strong and dedicated team, ready to do whatever it takes to make Kenya a better place for Women.

Lydia Wanjiru Gaitirira is the Executive Director of AMKA- Space for Women’s Creativity. She holds a B.A degree from the University of Nairobi Kenya and a Postgraduate Diploma in Administration of Higher Education from the University of Leeds, U.K. She attended Kaaga Girls High School in Meru and Alliance Girls High School Kikuyu for her secondary education. Ms. Gaitirira draws experience from the Government, University and the Civil Society sector. She is an accomplished gender trainer and has gained a vast experience in facilitation of gender training workshops and generally in civic education over the years.

Her experience in administration has come in handy both in her current position as ED, as a Vice Chair and Treasurer of the vibrant Consortium of the Constitutional Reform Education (CRECO). Her passion remains to participate fully and contribute to the realization of the AMKA vision of a Just and Empowered Society Governed by Integrity. She believes that the Kenya Constitution upholds this vision and much more. She has served on the boards of CRECO AND CSRG.

Creative Space for Women

AMKA is a Non-governmental national organization, formed in 1997 and registered by the NGO coordination board. AMKA’s main objective is to give a voice to women by engaging in activities that give space for women and girls’ voices to be heard. Her work is contextualized within local, regional and global conventions on women’s rights and empowerment AMKA’S main goal is to enhance participation of Kenyan women and girls in governance, economic empowerment and creative expression for sustainable development AMKA has its offices in Nairobi Kenya and works in several Kenyan Counties including but not limited to Nairobi, Laikipia, Muranga and Nyeri Counties. The main beneficiaries of our activities are women, girls and youth and PLWDs.