Teenage Pregnancies Project

Through the urgent aid funding AMKA was able to create awareness on the increase of teenage pregnancies in the informal settlement of Mukuru. We mentored a group of 20 girls and 10boys who will in turn create a ripple effect to their peers to break or curb the chain of teenage pregnancies. The boys involved in our project were educated on the myriad of challenges that the pregnant girls go through and the importance of being their sisters keepers which will play vital role in stopping the stigma that the pregnant girls will face once they’re back in school.

AMKA was able to engage the services of two counselors a nurse on life skills. The participants were able to have group counselling sessions as well as private sessions for the issues that they had that needed professional counseling services. The nurse took the participants through the various ways on how the expectant girls can take care of themselves and the unborn babies, this including danger signs to look out for during the pregnancy. The girls who had just recently given birth were also given counsel on how to take care of their infants.

The final session took the participants through information on life skills, communication, social media use among others and how they can harness their talents and skills.

AMKA also brought on board other professionals including a consultant and facilitator who were able to speak to the teenagers on a myriad of things including social media use, life skills, and communication among other things.

One of the biggest significance of this funding is that this project is being conducted in the middle of the severe global pandemic Covid-19. The situation in the country led to school closures which cut off girls from teachers who can sound the alarm in suspected cases of abuse at home, and students have been left idle and often unchaperoned by busy parents. During the first three months of lockdown, 152,000 Kenyan teenage girls became pregnant, a 40 percent increase in the monthly average. A quick trend analysis showed that Nairobi County is leading with 11,795 teenage pregnancies in the period Jan-May 2020. Through the project we were able to create a safe space for the teenagers where they could express themselves as well as receive professional guidance and counselling. This project also ensured that the teenagers put their time into good use by attending the sessions.

The biggest change we have experienced is the overwhelming support from the community towards the project, with AMKA receiving collaboration opportunities in order to better improve the teenagers overall outcome with the project.