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I could continue getting out of bed

At 3:33 a.m. for the remainder of my life

Occasionally thinking of “Duran Duran

And how in the last year of Mama’s life

Their psychedelic videos illuminated our old living room

Aquarium flushes of colour, cancelling gloom like lighting!


On this last day of 37th,

I could hum the song “What is love?”

(Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me … no more)

Like a Talisman, chant a mantra, against harm,

Watch the news about Afghanistan just to see what the Taliban

H’ve been up to, tonight

A could conjure up the pain, of Kurt Cobain,

See his distress, mental disease and distressed Levis,

That last April, before I turned nineteen,

How I shed a tear upon seeing his coffin

On CNN, vaguely aware that in Rwanda next door,

Thingshit were happening (“don’t hurt me, no more!”)


Someone calls me on the stroke of 8 am

To tell me to switch on the T.V, see Keithi K, see

Mutula Kilonzo’s requiem mass, I could put down,

This vodka glass and ask: “Does the poet,

Have a drinking problem?”


I could, on this very day of 37th,

Begin to slip into the skin of a ghost …

Light (dark), floaty, as transparent as window glass,

Or a vampire, all fangs and invisible in mirror glass

Or a poltergeist who, in a rage, smashes Scotch glass…

            Glass glassglass (terrifies la familia)

Lies, broken on graveyard grass.


I could reflect on the very best of bed mates

Murdered and through in the last half of this life

Go to that Thursday May 7th ’98, and fall in love

All over again with Julianna; or in a bar eight,

And a half years later, re-un-cov-er her.


Mater-Upper Hill-Forest Road-Nairobi Weeessst

{Ngong-Campus-Zimmerman-Umoja-Tena}-South ‘C’

-South ‘C2’-Chester House-South ‘C½ ‘-Nairobiiii West II-

South ‘B,’(Balozi), South ‘C’ 3 and back to South ‘B’ penthouse

In Venice Nellie said I had lived the life of a Gypsy. (outside bracket,

In reality I have triangulated around the place of my birth-death).


Tipsy! I think it best to itemize the remaining

15 hours and 37 minutes before I officially turn 38-

Shower, Nation Newspapers, Standard Bank, Go Down,

Supermarket, Mpesa, Ma3 to Zeeps,

(Chelsea vs. Toffeeham, go Chelsea)! U2 to U1 to U0-

Briefly, I consider dedicating this poetry to U,

Briefly I consider titling it “Diary.”