Caligraphy by Bertila Kithia

CALLIGRAPHY By Berttila Kithia

I'm gonna rip the blood vessels out of my body
Wring the blood out of my heart
And make it into parchment
Then you'll realise that – this is deep
This is, literally, straight from the heart
I'll write to you – maybe prose, maybe poetry
I'll write on the parchment of my heart
In beautiful, ornate letters of my arteries, veins, capillaries
Some things will be too hard to write
So i'll rapture a vessel
Let the blood flow freely
Resplendent, scarlet, crimson, magenta
Neon? Yes, neon
Can you interpret the fountain of emotion?
Welcome to the rooms of my heart
I'll write about hope, love, joy, happiness, faith,
Kindness, peace, altruism, patience, goodness, gentleness
Sadness, horror, hopelessness, hatred, anger
Despair, remorse, selfishness, jealousy, loneliness, hurt
Bottled up for far too long
I'm gonna write until I drop